• Staatliche Kunstsammlungen ...
    On the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther s 95 Theses, th...
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  • Beyond Caravaggio (Hardback)
    Letizia Treves, Aidan Wes...
    A fascinating examination of Caravaggio and others who ad...
    From £19.08
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  • Durer (Hardback)
    Norbert Wolf
    The prints of darkness The art, theory, ...
    From £5.86
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  • Titian (Hardback)
    Artur Rosenauer
    Titian was the most important Venetian artist of the sixt...
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  • El Greco (Hardback)
    Michael Scholz-Hansel
    16th-century modern: The unique El Greco visionTo his con...
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  • Virginia Cox
    Contains new emphasis on women; rhetorical culture and th...
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  • Ornament and Illusion (Paperback)
    Oliver Tostmann, C. Jean ...
    Exploring one of the most important but historically negl...
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  • Bosch (Hardback)
    Walter Bosing
    If Hieronymus Bosch (1450-1516) remains an enigma today, ...
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  • Bruegel (Hardback)
    Rainer Hagen, Rose-Marie ...
    At a time when artists were widely preoccupied with relig...
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  • Keeping an Eye Open (Paperback)
    Julian Barnes
    Fully illustrated in colour throughout, this book contain...
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  • Alexandra Gromling, Tilman...
    At the height of his fame, Sandro Botticelli (1445-1510) ...
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  • Albrecht Altdorfer (Hardback)
    Christopher Wood
    In the early sixteenth century, Albrecht Altdorfer promot...
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  • The Essential Durer (Paperback)
    Larry Silver, Jeffrey Chip...
    The Essential Durer offers an accessible and up-to-date l...
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  • Renaissance Art (Paperback)
    Tom Nichols
    What does the familiar phrase Renaissance Art actually re...
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  • Giorgio Vasari, Julia Conw...
    Translation of: Vite de' piu eccellenti architettori, pit...
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  • Titian (Paperback)
    Ian G. Kennedy
    A leading artist in the High Renaissance, Tiziano Vecelli...
  • The Alchemy of Light (v. 10) (Hardback)
    Urszula Szulakowska
    This re-examination of alchemical engravings of the late ...
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  • The Body Emblazoned (Hardback)
    Jonathan Sawday
    A study of the culture of dissection in the English Renai...
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