Social impact of environmental issues

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  • Ecology (Paperback)
    Michael Begon, Colin A. T...
    This is the fourth edition of a book that has been widely...
    From £39.20
    Save £8.79
  • Happy City (Paperback)
    Charles Montgomery
    Tells the story of how the solutions to this century's pr...
    From £7.44
    Save £2.55
  • Rob Hopkins
    In 2008, the bestselling The Transition Handbook suggeste...
    From £8.19
    Save £11.76
  • David Holmgren
    Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainabili...
  • At Risk (Paperback)
    Ben Wisner, Piers M. Blai...
    The new edition of At Risk confronts a further ten years ...
    From £29.49
    Save £5.50
  • Being Ecological (Paperback)
    Timothy Morton
    'To read Being Ecological is to be caught up in a brillia...
    From £6.84
    Save £2.15
  • Derek Wall
    An argument that the commons is neither tragedy nor parad...
    From £10.39
    Save £4.56
  • Policing Wildlife (Hardback)
    Angus Nurse
    Policing Wildlife examines both the extent and enforcemen...
    From £64.46
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  • Avi Brisman, Professor Ni...
    A collection of original essays that explores the relatio...
    From £59.31
    Save £15.69
  • Tony Fitzpatrick
    Climate change and poverty offers a timely new perspectiv...
    From £17.05
    Save £8.94
  • Philippe Squarzoni
    A look at the causes, controversies and consequences of c...
    From £10.61
    Save £5.38
  • Corporate Diplomacy (Hardback)
    Witold J. Henisz
    This book argues that the strategic management of relatio...
    From £32.00
    Save £8.00
  • Environmental harm (Hardback)
    Rob White
    A systematic and critical discussion of the nature of env...
  • Tim Edensor
    Offers ideas on the relationship between time and space, ...
    From £84.38
    Save £25.62
  • Barbara Kingsolver
    "We wanted to live in a place that could feed us: where r...
    From £8.53
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  • Endgame Vol.1 (Paperback)
    Derrick Jensen
    The long-awaited companion piece to Jensen's immensely po...
  • Paul J. Cloke, Ian G. Coo...
    Practising Human Geography is a critical introduction to ...
    From £29.72
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  • Robert Kitchin, Nick Tate
    Designed to guide students through the process of underta...
    From £18.00
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