Romantic music (c 1830 to c 1900)

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  • Franz Schubert (Hardback)
    Graham Johnson
    A three-volume boxed set focusing on Franz Schubert's voc...
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  • The Ring of Truth (Hardback)
    Roger Scruton
    Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung is one of the great...
    From £16.92
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  • Paul Dawson-Bowling
    From £23.75
    Save £11.25
  • Puccini (Paperback)
    Julian Budden
    Part of the "Master Musicians" series, this title is a bi...
    From £20.79
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  • Emanuele Senici
    A 2004 collection of specially commissioned essays on one...
  • Peter Clive
    Following the author's biographical dictionaries on Schub...
    From £95.33
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  • Robert Stradling, Meirion ...
    This work argues that research into the cultural history ...
    From £11.61
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  • Mahler (Paperback)
    Kurt Blaukopf, Herta Blau...
    Mahler was born in 1860 in an outpost of the Austro-Hunga...
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  • Marina Ritzarev
    TchaikovskyE s Sixth Symphony (1893), widely recognized a...
    From £28.17
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  • Kevin C. Karnes
    Examining pioneering and long-forgotten scholarly contrib...
    From £20.23
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  • Four Last Songs (Paperback)
    Linda Hutcheon, Michael H...
    Aging and creativity can seem a particularly fraught rela...
  • Leslie Kearney
    Tchaikovsky has long intrigued music-lovers as a figure w...
    From £125.34
  • R. Larry Todd
    We know Robert Schumann in many ways: as a visionary comp...
    From £131.44
  • Davinia Caddy
    A fresh perspective on the Ballets Russes, focusing on re...
  • Bad Vibrations (Paperback)
    James Kennaway
    Music has been used as a cure for disease since as far ba...
    From £28.17
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  • Caroline Potter
    Erik Satie (1866-1925) was a quirky, innovative and enigm...
    From £28.17
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  • Professor Sarah Hibberd
    The genre of melodrame A grand spectacle that emerged in...
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  • The New Bruckner (Paperback)
    Dermot Gault
    The New Bruckner provides a valuable study of Bruckner's ...
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