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  • Simon Moore
    From £9.79
    Save £5.20
  • Keys (No. 560) (Paperback)
    Eric Monk
    The oldest keys known to exist date from around 4,000 BC ...
    From £5.72
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  • Copper Wire Bonding (Hardback)
    Preeti S. Chauhan, Anupam ...
    Copper Wire Bonding
    From £56.40
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  • Thomas Thwaites
    Where do our things really come from?
    From £7.80
    Save £5.19
  • Fabrizio Bonani, Giovanni ...
    Provides an overview of the physical basis of noise in se...
    From £117.48
    Save £9.02
  • Epitaxy (62) (Paperback)
    Marian A. Herman, Wolfgang...
    In a uniform and comprehensive manner the authors describ...
    From £164.74
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  • Alasdair Philips, Jean Ph...
    An important guide to reducing the negative effect of ele...
    From £8.61
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  • Spoons 1650-2000 (2) (Paperback)
    Simon Moore
    Traces and illustrates the history of English spoons, and...
    From £4.48
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  • Steve Goss
    Ranging from the elegant to the quirky, teapots and coffe...
    From £4.63
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  • Myke Predko
    The perfect resource for anyone learning about digital lo...
    From £14.92
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  • George Julius Thaler, Narc...
    Teaches the basic concepts of control systems analysis an...
    From £102.65
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  • Shena Mason
    Anne Boulton (1768-1829) was her father's 'Fair Maid of t...
    From £13.61
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  • Physical Computing (Paperback)
    Tom Igoe, Dan O'Sull...
    Physical computing is all around us, from interactive dis...
    From £30.53
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  • Donald J. Sterling, Terry ...
    Provides a practical perspective on the fundamentals of f...
    From £85.42
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  • Kitchen Treasures (Hardback)
    Barbara Mauzy
    If you buy, sell, or decorate with vintage kitchen equipm...
    From £18.54
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  • Roberto Togneri, Christoph...
    Presents working algorithms and implementations that can ...
    From £63.03
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  • Gary Hodes
    Discussing specific depositions of a wide range of semico...
    From £126.29
    Save £39.71
  • Epitaxy (v. 62) (Hardback)
    Marian A. Herman, Wolfgang...
    Describes the important aspects of the epitaxial growth p...
    From £164.74
    Save £20.76