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  • Stephen Johnson
    BBC music broadcaster Stephen Johnson explores the power ...
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  • Claude Vivier (v. 109) (Hardback)
    Bob Gilmore
    In 1983, French-Canadian composer Claude Vivier was murde...
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  • Harrison Birtwistle (Hardback)
    Harrison Birtwistle, Fiona...
    The author talks openly to the distinguished writer and c...
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  • Keith Potter, Kyle Gann, ...
    In recent years the music of minimalist composers has bec...
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  • Sibelius (Paperback)
    Andrew Barnett
    Tells the story of the life and musical work of Finnish c...
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  • Joza Karas
    When Adolf Hitler created the model camp at Theresienstad...
  • Music and Gesture (Hardback)
    Dr. Elaine King, Dr. Ant...
    Showcases key theoretical ideas and practical considerati...
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  • Robert Stradling, Meirion ...
    This work argues that research into the cultural history ...
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  • Kurt Blaukopf, Herta Blau...
    Mahler was born in 1860 in an outpost of the Austro-Hunga...
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  • Carter (Hardback)
    David Schiff
    Elliott Carter (1908-2012) was the foremost composer of c...
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  • Fiona Maddocks
    DISCOVER the stories behind Mahler's, Symphony No.
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  • O Antiphon Sequence (Sheet music)
    Cecilia McDowall
    O Antiphon Sequence was conceived as a recital piece, alt...
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  • 88 (No.1) (Piano Solo) (Sheet music)
    Jonny Greenwood
    88 (No.1) by Jonny Greenwood is a contemporary work for s...
  • Job (Sheet music)
    Ralph Vaughan Williams
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  • Fat Knight (Sheet music)
    Ralph Vaughan Williams, Ma...
    Originally the title for Vaughan Williams's opera Sir Joh...
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  • Emily Abrams Ansari
    After two decades of remarkable success, the quest to cre...
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  • The Road Not Taken (v. 5) (Hardback)
    Elizabeth K. Schmidt, Carl...
    The Road Not Taken: A Documented Biography of Randall Tho...
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  • Katie Derham
    Discover the stories behind iconic Last Night songs such ...
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