• Sally Metzler
    Celebrated for his erotically charged allegories with amo...
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  • Social History of Art (Volume 2) (Hardback)
    Arnold Hauser
    First published in 1951 Arnold Hauser's commanding work p...
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  • Pleasure and Piety (Hardback)
    Arthur K. Wheelock Jr., L...
    "The exhibition is organized by the Centraal Museum Utrec...
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  • Strokes of Genius (Hardback)
    Suzanne Folds McCullagh, J...
    A catalogue that presents more than fifty masterful Itali...
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  • Durer (Paperback)
    Giulia Bartrum
    Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) is arguably the first truly in...
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  • Arcimboldo (Hardback)
    Liana De Girolami Cheney
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  • Looking for Lines (Paperback)
    Paul van den Akker
    Relating to the current interest in the historiography of...
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  • Carmen C. Bambach, Janet ...
    Drawings by the great Italian Mannerist painter and poet ...
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  • Michael W. Cole
    Sixteenth-Century Italian Art is a first-rate collection ...
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  • Palladio's Venice (Hardback)
    Tracy E. Cooper
    A glamorous and unprecedented exploration of Palladio's w...
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  • David Franklin
    An intimate view of beloved Florentine works from one of ...
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  • Branko Mitrovic
    This book summarizes what is known today about the design...
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  • Collected Opinions (Hardback)
    Volker Manuth, Axel Ruger
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  • Edward Chaney
    After a thorough survey of the background history of Euro...
  • Pontormo (Paperback)
    Elizabeth Cropper
    In this volume Elizabeth Cropper argues that the subject ...
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  • Linda Murray
    The principal elements of High Renaissance art, first for...
  • Eugenia Jurjewa
    With this nostalgic collection the photographer brings it...
  • Eugenia Jurjewa
    This project was inspired by the beauty of autumn.