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  • Richard Middleton
    Studying Popular Music contends that popular music can be...
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  • Paul Oakenfold, Chris Hun...
    Description; Paul Oakenfold is the greatest DJ of all tim...
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  • Jeff Sultanof
    Jeff Sultanof takes a fresh look at big band jazz, examin...
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  • Andrea Harris
    Situating ballet within twentieth-century modernism, this...
    From £17.81
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  • Javaphilia (Paperback)
    Henry Spiller, Frederick Lau
    Fragrant tropical flowers, opulent batik fabrics, magnifi...
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  • Ivana Perkovic, Franco Fa...
    This book focuses on the relationship between identity an...
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  • James Arena
    A massive dance music revolution swept across Europe and ...
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  • Steve Sullivan, Dave Marsh
    This masterful survey covers all genres of popular music,...
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  • On the Threshold of Knowing (46) (Paperback)
    Lucia Rainer
    In this in-depth analysis of artistic and academic lectur...
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  • Kick the Sparks (Paperback / softback)
    Jeehyun Hoke
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  • Toscanini (Hardback)
    Marco Capra, Maestro Ricca...
    A rare glimpse into the life of the conductor considered ...
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  • Dancing Age(ing) (122) (Paperback)
    Susanne Martin
    How can contemporary dance contribute to a critical disco...
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  • Hawaiian Hula `Olapa (91) (Paperback)
    Monika Lilleike
    Monika Lilleike's performance analytic study on Hawaiian ...
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  • Dennis M. Spragg
    The story of American musical legend, Glenn Miller, and t...
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  • Jill M. Sullivan
    In the first comprehensive exploration of women's bands i...
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  • Deborah Mawer
    This book explores the historical-cultural interactions b...
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  • Rock the Dancefloor (Paperback)
    Phil Morse
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  • Troels Svendsen, Mogens A...
    Founded over 550 years ago, The Royal Danish Orchestra is...
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