• Bridges (Hardback)
    Marcus Binney
    Exploring the history of bridges from ancient times to pr...
    From £20.13
    Save £19.87
  • The Forth Bridge (Paperback / softback)
    Sheila McKay, H. G. Weaver
    The Forth Bridge was the greatest engineering feat the Vi...
    From £9.04
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  • In the Wake of Tacoma (Paperback / softback)
    Richard Scott
    Offers a comprehensive treatment of the changes the 1940 ...
    From £57.96
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  • Steve Harridge
    In Bridge Deck Erection Equipment: A Best Practice Guide,...
    From £80.22
    Save £39.78
  • Nigel Powers, Dan M. Fran...
    Maintenance, Safety, Risk, Management and Life-Cycle Perf...
    From £160.61
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  • Chief Engineer (Paperback / softback)
    Erica Wagner
    His father conceived of the Brooklyn Bridge, but it was W...
    From £8.91
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  • Nossa Punt (Hardback)
    Wilfried Dechau
    This book tells the history and documents the preservatio...
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  • Bridges (Hardback)
    David Ross
    Organised in sections such as abandoned bridges, classic ...
    From £12.48
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  • The Bridge (Hardback)
    Peter Tomasi
    The inspirational story of the Roebling family and their ...
    From £11.51
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  • Towers and Bridges (Hardback)
    John Greatheart
    From £12.55
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  • Towers and Bridges (Paperback)
    John Greatheart
    From £7.98
    Save £12.97
  • Airong Chen, Dan M. Frang...
    Bridges play important role in modern infrastructural sys...
    From £89.37
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  • The Queensferry Crossing (Paperback / softback)
    Nicola Sturgeon, David Watt
    From £13.54
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  • ASCE Press
    The must-have wall calendar for all bridge lovers.
    From £13.71
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  • Judith Dupre
    From the best-selling author of Skyscrapers comes the muc...
    From £17.00
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  • Chinese Bridges (Paperback / softback)
    Ronald G. Knapp, Peter Bol
    Bridges, the least known and understood of China's many w...
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  • Statics+++ (Paperback)
    James W Dally, Robert J B...
  • John F. Unsworth
    This new edition encompasses current design methods used ...
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