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  • Nick Drake, Gabrielle Dra...
    An official celebration of Nick Drake's life and music.
    From £26.86
    Save £13.14
  • Steve Roud, Julia Bishop
    Offers a collection of folk music - one of the great Engl...
    From £8.62
    Save £1.37
  • Peggy Seeger (Hardback)
    Jean R. Freedman
    Born into folk music's first family, Peggy Seeger has bla...
    From £19.65
    Save £5.34
  • Elijah Wald
    One of the music world's pre-eminent critics takes a fres...
    From £11.79
    Save £5.20
  • Bob Dylan, Christopher Ri...
    For the first time, a comprehensive, definitive collectio...
    From £97.95
    Save £62.05
  • Horslips (Hardback)
    Mark Cunningham
    The first book dedicated to the history of HORSLIPS, the ...
    From £13.19
    Save £6.80
  • A Sacred Feast (Paperback)
    Kathryn Eastburn
    Some have called Sacred Harp singing America's earliest m...
    From £13.23
    Save £0.76
  • Electric Eden (Paperback)
    Rob Young
    Investigates how the idea of folk has been handed down an...
    From £9.82
    Save £3.17
  • Leonard Cohen
    When his first album made him an unlikely star in the lat...
    From £7.40
    Save £5.55
  • Chicago Blues (Paperback)
    David G. Whiteis
    Contains vignettes from both on and off the stage about t...
    From £15.61
    Save £5.38
  • The Songman (Paperback)
    Tommy Sands
    'With a Fenian fiddle in one ear and an Orange drum in th...
    From £11.23
    Save £3.76
  • Hormoz Farhat, Blacking.John
    In traditional Persian art music embodies twelve dastgahs...
    From £25.21
    Save £3.78
  • Richard Widdess
    The concept of raga forms the basis of melodic compositio...
    From £93.18
    Save £11.82
  • Lucky Joe's Namesake (Paperback)
    Fred Bartenstein
    From £17.81
    Save £13.69
  • Light Come Shining (Hardback)
    Andrew McCarron
    Bob Dylan's frequent changes have led to a dizzying accum...
    From £11.92
    Save £0.57
  • Fiddler's Dream (Hardback)
    Howard Wight Marshall
    In this sequel to Howard Marshall's earlier book on old-t...
    From £19.61
    Save £11.89
  • Eva Guillorel, Mary-Ann C...
    The highly dramatic Breton ballad tradition is relatively...
    From £50.46
    Save £4.54
  • We Can Swing Together (Paperback)
    John Van der Kiste
    When Alan Hull joined the band Brethren, soon renamed Lin...
    From £9.79
    Save £7.20