• Degrowth (Paperback)
    Giacomo D'Alisa, Fede...
    Degrowth is a rejection of the illusion of growth and a c...
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  • Timothy O'Riordan
    Environmental Science for Environmental Management has qu...
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  • Bjorn Lomborg
    A controversial, wide ranging and clearly documented surv...
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  • Brilliant Green (Hardback)
    Stefano Mancuso, Alessandr...
    Are plants intelligent?
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  • Green Criminology (Hardback)
    Rob White, Diane Heckenberg
    Over the past ten years, the study of environmental harm ...
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  • Randall McMullan
    This engaging text covers the science, technology and ser...
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  • Mark Huxham, David Sumner
    This work explores the use and limitations of science in ...
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  • Andrew R. W. Jackson, Juli...
    The second edition of this text has been fuly updated wit...
  • Allan Jones, Robert Duck,...
    This work provides students with easy-to-read guidance on...
  • Ecology (Paperback)
    J. L. Chapman, M. J. Reiss
    This is a comprehensive textbook for A-level students and...
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  • Environmental Publics (Paperback)
    Sally Eden
    How do ordinary people think about the environment as the...
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  • Your Water Footprint (Paperback)
    Stephen Leahy
    The average western lifestyle is kept afloat by the usage...
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  • The 'One Planet' Life (Paperback)
    David Thorpe
    The One Planet Life demonstrates a path for everyone towa...
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  • One River (Paperback)
    Wade Davis
    In 1941, Richard Evans Schultes took a leave of absence f...
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  • Nicolas Georgescu-Roegen, ...
    Nicolae Georgescu-Roegen (1906-1994) is considered today ...
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  • Climate Changed (Paperback)
    Philippe Squarzoni
    A look at the causes, controversies and consequences of c...
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  • Michael Boxwell, Sheila G...
    The Solar Electricity Handbook is a practical and straigh...
  • Rambunctious Garden (Paperback)
    Emma Marris
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