• Mike Evans
    Charting the history of the blues from its rural roots in...
  • Deep South (Mixed media product)
    Peter Boelke, Ear Books
    From £15.78
    Save £14.21
  • Blue Monday (Paperback)
    Rick Coleman
    The critically acclaimed first-ever biography of New Orle...
    From £12.01
    Save £0.98
  • Chicago Blues (Paperback)
    David G. Whiteis
    Contains vignettes from both on and off the stage about t...
    From £16.36
    Save £5.63
  • Jazz Piano from Scratch (Sheet music)
    Charles Beale
    An essential how-to guide for students and teachers.
    From £17.84
    Save £7.16
  • Ronald M. Radano
    By relating biography to the cultural and musical contour...
    From £17.14
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  • Boom's Blues (Hardback)
    Wim Verbei, Scott Rollins
    A recovery of the first book-length study of the blues an...
    From £59.92
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  • Jim Dickinson, Ernest Suarez
    A passionate insider's account from a major mover and sha...
    From £16.07
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  • Too Much Unconvenience (Paperback / softback)
    Jr Lincoln Beauchamp
    From £13.45
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  • The Original Blues (Hardback)
    Lynn Abbott, Doug Seroff
    In this volume, Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff complete thei...
    From £81.07
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  • Alan Light
    Inspired by the Oscar-nominated Netflix documentary, What...
    From £6.28
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  • Blues from the Bayou (Paperback)
    Julian C. Piper
    This intensely personal and entertaining account is a sna...
    From £14.38
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  • Robert Olin Brandenburg III
    From £41.82
    Save £6.10
  • Talking Music 2 (Paperback / softback)
    Holger Petersen
    From £11.23
  • Fastlines Blues Guitar Method Primer (4) (Paperback / softback)
    Gerald Brockie
    From £4.91
  • Bill Dahl
    This stunning book charts the rich history of the blues, ...
    From £18.88
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  • Being Elvis (Paperback)
    Ray Connolly
    The definitive, intimate, no-holds-barred biography of th...
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  • Mitsutoshi Inaba
    Mitsutoshi Inaba offers the first full-length biography o...
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