Acoustic & sound engineering

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  • John Borwick
    Published for the Association of Professional Recording S...
    From £60.45
    Save £6.55
  • The Rhythmic Event (Hardback)
    Eleni Ikoniadou
    The sonic has come to occupy center stage in the arts and...
    From £17.80
    Save £7.15
  • Home Recording Studio (Paperback)
    Rod Gervais
    More and more musicians are constructing home studios as ...
    From £22.95
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  • Ken C. Pohlmann
    This thoroughly revised bestseller covers the latest adva...
    From £36.94
    Save £13.46
  • Hokum! (Paperback)
    Rob King
    Takes a comprehensive view of short-subject slapstick com...
    From £34.12
  • Vibro-Acoustics (Hardback)
    Dhanesh N Manik
    The subject of vibro-acoustics is important for the desig...
    From £69.94
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  • Mezhlum A. Sumbatyan
    This volume deals with topical problems concerning techno...
    From £61.69
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  • Michael Fein
    This book illustrates how technology can be used to suppo...
    From £20.27
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  • Hymns for the Fallen (Paperback)
    Todd Decker
    Shows how the domain of sound, a rich and culturally reso...
    From £19.76
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  • Audio Made Easy (Paperback)
    Ira White
    Distilled from author Ira White s years of sound and stud...
    From £12.32
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  • Wind Farm Noise (Hardback)
    Colin H. Hansen, Con J. D...
    A comprehensive guide to wind farm noise prediction, meas...
    From £68.76
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  • Acoustic Technics (Paperback)
    Don Ihde
    Acoustic Technics, aware that digital and computer embedd...
    From £19.71
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  • Yong Xiang, Guang Hua
    This book offers comprehensive coverage on the most impor...
    From £28.40
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  • Tohru Ifukube
    This book presents a technology to help speech-, hearing-...
    From £61.67
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  • A Nime Reader (3) (Hardback)
    Alexander Refsum Jensenius...
    What is a musical instrument?
    From £107.13
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  • Steven L. Garrett
    This textbook provides a unified approach to acoustics an...
    From £57.27
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  • Michael P. Mortell
    This unique book aims to treat a class of nonlinear waves...
    From £89.53
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  • Philip Newell
    Recording Studio Design, Fourth Edition explains the key ...
    From £111.91
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