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  • Ralph Lorenz
    The descent of the Huygens probe to the frozen surface of...
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  • Tony Milligan, James S. J....
    This book aims to contribute significantly to the underst...
    From £48.69
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  • Faith 7 (Paperback)
    Colin Burgess
    This book celebrates the final spaceflight in the Mercury...
    From £19.72
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  • New Space Frontiers (Hardback)
    Piers Bizony
    From £13.61
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  • Soyuz Manual (Hardback)
    David Baker
    Detailed 'how it works' Haynes Manual treatment.
    From £14.02
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  • Buzz Aldrin
    Buzz Aldrin, one of the three men who took part in the fi...
    From £7.71
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  • Solar Sailing (Hardback)
    Colin Robert McInnes
    Solar sailing - using the sun as a propellant - offers th...
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  • Carrying the Fire (Paperback)
    Michael Collins, Charles ...
    The Gemini 10 and Apollo 11 astronaut tells first hand of...
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  • Mars Rover Curiosity (Address book)
    Robert Manning
    The firsthand account of the trials and tribulations of e...
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  • Miguel A. F. Sanjuan, Juan...
    This book is primarily concerned with the computational a...
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  • Andrew B. Godefroy
    Canada s space efforts from its origins towards the end o...
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  • M. J. Thompson, Allan Sach...
    The articles republished in this book survey and summariz...
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  • Into the Black (Paperback)
    Rowland White
    On 12th April 1981 NASA's Space Shuttle Columbia blasted ...
    From £8.03
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  • Cosmic Debris (Paperback)
    Professor of La Jonathan ...
    This book examines the mysterious and the well-studied de...
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  • Manfred "Dutch" ...
    Exploring the idea of 'Flexible Path in terms of Mars, t...
    From £19.46
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  • A Dirty Window (442) (Hardback)
    Loris Magnani, Steven N. ...
    This book provides an introduction to the physics of inte...
    From £79.88
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  • Solar Energetic Particles (932) (Paperback)
    Donald V. Reames
    This concise primer introduces the non-specialist reader ...
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  • Women Spacefarers (Paperback)
    Umberto Cavallaro
    Telling the stories of the women who broke down barriers ...
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