• The Edwardian Farm (No. 608) (Paperback)
    Jonathan Brown
    The Edwardian period is often seen as something of a gild...
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  • Starks' Harvesters (Paperback)
    Robert S. White
    In 1979 Englishman Rob White became a member of Dale Star...
    From £9.18
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  • Farming and the Land (v. 2) (Hardback)
    Alexander Fenton, Kenneth ...
    A comprehensive and superbly detailed ethnological study ...
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  • Liverpool Cowkeepers (Paperback)
    Dave Joy
    A fascinating look at the intertwined story of milk and m...
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  • Tradd Cotter
    From £17.45
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  • Peter Ginn, Ruth Goodman
    The authors are trained historians, driven by new researc...
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  • Ben Falk
    From £17.45
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  • Orchards (632) (Paperback)
    Claire Masset
    Some of Britain's surviving orchards are almost six hundr...
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  • Isolation Shepherd (Paperback)
    Iain R. Thomson
    In August 1956, a young shepherd, his wife, two-year-old ...
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  • Yesterday's Farm (Hardback)
    Valerie Porter
    Takes a retrospective look at the farming life, celebrati...
  • Valdemar Hercilio de Freit...
    This report is intended for development practitioners, ex...
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  • Rural Politics (Paperback)
    Michael Winter
    Rural Politics provides a much needed examination of the ...
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  • The Victorian Farmer (No. 262) (Paperback)
    David J. Eveleigh
    The Victorian farmer occupied a pivotal role in rural soc...
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  • Fields, Hedges and Ditches (21) (Paperback)
    Nigel Harvey
    The fields of the cultivated rural landscape are the resu...
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  • Paul D. Goriup
    With the health of the world s oceans threatened as nev...
  • Addlands (Paperback)
    Tom Bullough
    Addlands is the moving and engrossing story of the Hamer ...
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  • Zhanjiang (John) Liu
    Bioinformatics derives knowledge from computer analysis o...
  • Whittled Away (Paperback)
    Padraic Fogarty
    Padraic Fogarty authoritatively charts how the failure to...
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