• The Coconut (Paperback)
    N. Madhavan Nayar
    The Coconut: Phylogeny, Origins, and Spread comprehensive...
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  • Christopher Shein, Julie ...
    Take organic gardening to the next level by learning the ...
    From £10.47
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  • Nigel J.H. Smith
    Gene Banks and the World's Food contributes to the crucia...
    From £105.18
  • Donald L. Sparks, Steven A...
    Quantifying and Managing Soil Functions in Earth's Critic...
    From £95.93
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  • Project Animal Farm (Paperback)
    Sonia Faruqi
    From £12.20
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  • William DeJong-Lambert, Ni...
    This volume covers the global history of the Lysenko cont...
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  • Pseudocereals (Hardback)
    Claudia Monika Haros, Regi...
    The aim of this book is to update knowledge and summarise...
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  • Perumal Narayanasamy
    Healthy seeds and propagules are the basic requirement fo...
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  • Sustainable Agriculture Reviews (22) (22) (Hardback)
    Eric Lichtfouse
    This book deals with a rapidly growing field aiming at pr...
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  • Advances in Agronomy (Volume 141) (141) (Hardback)
    Donald L. Sparks
    Advances in Agronomy, Volume 141 carries on the stellar r...
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  • B. K. Bala
    Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics ...
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  • Cannabis (Hardback)
    Ernest Small
    Cannabis sativa is best known as the source of marijuana,...
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  • Derek Byerlee, Walter P. ...
    Over the last two decades global production of soybean an...
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  • Zea Mays L (Paperback)
    Loretta Barnes
  • P. Parvatha Reddy
    This book outlines a new paradigm, Sustainable Intensific...
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  • Pulses (Hardback)
    Food and Agriculture Organi...
    A beautifully illustrated collection of more than 30 reci...
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  • Soil Management (Hardback)
    Michael A Fullen, John A ...
    The soil is a fundamental constituent of the Earth's syst...
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  • Plant Breeding Reviews (Volume 40) (Hardback)
    Jules Janick
    Plant Breeding Reviews presents state-of-the-art reviews ...
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