Ethical & social aspects of computing

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  • Jonathan Taplin
    From £9.60
    Save £5.39
  • Irresistible (Hardback)
    Adam Alter
    Explains how and why we all got hooked.
    From £13.51
    Save £5.48
  • DIY Citizenship (Paperback)
    Matt Ratto, Megan Boler, ...
    Today, DIY -- do-it-yourself -- describes more than self-...
    From £19.74
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  • Martin Ford
    Winner of the Financial Times and McKinsey Business Book ...
  • The Dark Net (Paperback)
    Jamie Bartlett
    Beyond the familiar online world that most of us inhabit ...
    From £7.12
    Save £2.87
  • Affective Publics (Paperback)
    Zizi Papacharissi
    Digital technologies network us but it is our stories tha...
    From £18.62
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  • The Political Web (Paperback)
    Peter Dahlgren
    As democracy encounters difficulties, many citizens are t...
    From £14.07
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  • Helen Donelan, Karen Kear...
    Presents a set of articles that cover a range of differen...
    From £23.61
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  • Terrell Ward Bynum, Simon ...
    From £23.73
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  • N. Katherine Hayles
    Separating hype from fact, this text investigates the fat...
    From £12.56
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  • Security and Trust Management (10547) (Paperback)
    Giovanni Livraga, Chris M...
    This book constitutes the proceedings of the 13th Interna...
    From £57.61
  • Technically Wrong (Hardback)
    Sara Wachter-Boettcher
    A revealing look at how tech industry bias and blind spot...
    From £13.44
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  • Jerzy Mikulski
    The 40 full papers presented in this volume were carefull...
    From £96.77
  • Making IT Work (Hardback)
    Jeffrey R. Yost
    The computer services industry has worldwide annual reven...
    From £26.93
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  • Glow Kids (Paperback)
    Nicholas Kardaras
    From £7.40
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  • Tegawende F. Bissyande, Ou...
    This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings...
    From £32.65
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  • Utopia Is Creepy (Paperback)
    Nicholas Carr
    Trenchant writing from a Pulitzer Prize finalist that dis...
    From £10.35
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  • Julia Schwanholz, Todd S. ...
    In light of the increased utilization of information tech...
    From £61.67
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