• Karl Schutz
    Just 35 works make up the complete known oeuvre of Johann...
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  • David H. Solkin, Ann Berm...
    Despite this famous protestation in a letter to his frie...
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  • Prized Possessions (Paperback / softback)
    Quentin Buvelot, David Ta...
    Celebrating the enduring British taste for collecting Dut...
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  • The Paston Treasure (Hardback)
    Andrew Moore, Nathan Flis...
    "This publication accompanies the exhibitions 'The Paston...
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  • David M. Mitchell
    This beautifully produced book represents one of the most...
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  • Kate Retford
    Pioneered by William Hogarth (1697-1764) and his peers in...
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  • Picturing India (Hardback)
    John McAleer
    This book draws on the unrivalled riches of the British L...
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  • Johannes Grave
    Now available in a new format, this beautifully illustrat...
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  • Facing the Text (Hardback)
    Lucy Peltz
    Explores extra-illustration in the long eighteenth centur...
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  • Graven Images (Hardback)
    Jon Crabb
    With a foreword by Reece Shearsmith, this beautifully des...
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  • Joanna Marschner, David B...
    "This publication accompanies the exhibition Enlightened ...
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  • Obtaining Images (Paperback / softback)
    Timon Screech
    This book introduces the reader to important artists and ...
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  • William Hogarth (Hardback)
    Elizabeth Einberg
    William Hogarth (1697-1764) was among the first British-b...
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  • Catherine Whistler
    Masterpieces by Nicolas Poussin, Claude Lorrain, Domenich...
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  • Pompeo Batoni (Multiple copy pack)
    Edgar Peters Bowron
    This meticulously researched catalogue presents an author...
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  • Jose Lopez-Rey, Odile Del...
    Coinciding with a major travelling exhibition at the Kuns...
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  • Luigi Valadier (Hardback)
    Alvar Gonzalez-Palacios
    Luigi Valadier (1726-1785) was an extraordinarily inventi...
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  • Ersy Contogouris
    Outgrowth of the author's thesis (doctoral--Universit e d...
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