• Luke Bainbridge
    The arrival of a new style of music and a new type of dru...
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  • Techno Rebels (Paperback)
    Dan Sicko, Bill Brewster
    An history of techno music, dealing with its roots in Det...
    From £13.52
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  • Mute (Hardback)
    Daniel Miller, Terry Burrows
    The authoritative, sumptuously illustrated history of Mut...
    From £17.35
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  • Live Wires (Hardback)
    Dan Warner
    Live Wires: The History of Electronic Music explores how ...
    From £10.17
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  • Kraftwerk (Paperback)
    David Buckley examines the cult enigma that is Kraftwerk.
  • Dance Music Manual (Paperback)
    Rick Snoman
    What are the differences between trance and chill out?
    From £22.46
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  • Eskiboy (Paperback)
    `Wiley is Wiley, and if you don't know me, you don't know...
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  • All Things Remembered (Paperback)
    Here is the memoir of an extraordinary life, an explosive...
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  • Ewa Mazierska
    Mazierska presents a cultural history of popular Viennese...
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  • Rave Art (Paperback)
    Chelsea Louise Berlin
    Together with personal reminiscences and quotes from infa...
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  • Inner City Pressure (Hardback)
    Dan Hancox
    From £13.36
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  • Inner Sound (Paperback)
    Jonathan Weinel
    In Inner Sound, author Jonathan Weinel traverses the infl...
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  • Simon Emmerson, Leigh Landy
    A state-of-the-art overview of the analysis of electroaco...
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  • Heavy Metal Thunder (Paperback)
    Philip Bashe
    From £17.14
  • Stephane Elmosnino
    A new and fully practical guide to all of the key topics ...
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  • Roger T. Dean, Alex McLean
    Featuring chapters by emerging and established scholars a...
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  • Class of '88 (Paperback)
    Wayne Anthony
    Now, re-issued for the 30th anniversary, this is Wayne's ...
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  • Jo Hall
    This book uses ethnographic research to examine the role ...
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