• Andrew W. Appel, Jens Pal...
    The second edition features a redesigned compiler project...
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  • LLVM Cookbook (Paperback)
    Mayur Pandey, Suyog Sarda
    The book is for compiler programmers who are familiar wit...
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  • Compiler Construction (9031) (Paperback)
    Bjoern Franke
    This book constitutes the proceedings of the 24th Interna...
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  • Chris McCord
    Write code that writes code with Elixir macros.
    From £9.09
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  • Jaroslaw Krochmalski
    This book is for developers who want to work smarter so t...
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  • C Compilers for Asips (Paperback)
    Manuel Hohenauer, Rainer ...
    This book presents a novel approach for Architecture Desc...
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  • D Cookbook (Paperback)
    Adam D. Ruppe
    A recipepacked reference guide filled with practical task...
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  • Compiler Design (Hardback)
    H. S. Mohan
    Computer understands only Machine code.
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  • Gradle in Action (Paperback)
    Benjamin Muschko
    RETAIL SELLING POINTS Practical real-world examples ...
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  • Compilers (Paperback)
    A. V. Aho, Monica S. Lam,...
    Compilers: Principles, Techniques and Tools, known to pro...
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  • Compiler Design (Hardback)
    Reinhard Wilhelm, Helmut ...
    This book deals with the analysis phase of translators fo...
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  • K. Muneeswaran
    Compiler Design is a textbook for undergraduate and postg...
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  • Evaggelia Pitoura, George ...
    Earth date, August 11, 1997 "Beam me up Scottie!" "We can...
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  • David J. Lilja, Peter L. ...
    In brief summary, the following results were presented in...
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  • Compiler Design (Hardback)
    Helmut Seidl, Reinhard Wi...
    This book deals with the analysis phase of translators fo...
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  • Compiler Construction (7210) (Paperback)
    Michael O'Boyle
    Constitutes the proceedings of the 21st International Con...
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  • Anthony J. Dos Reis, Laura...
    * Strong coverage of formal languages.
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