• Ben Tyers
    Carry out the pre-planning, design, and programming of ro...
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  • Ben Tyers
    Gain the skills required to create fun and compelling gam...
    From £19.77
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  • Tetris (Paperback)
    Box Brown
    A dramatic and intriguing history of the most popular vid...
    From £7.82
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  • Directing Video Games (Paperback)
    Brian Allgeier
    From £21.93
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  • Michael Dawson
    When it comes to game programming, C++ is the name of the...
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  • Mike Pan, Dalai Felinto
    Focusing on the Blender Game Engine, this book provides c...
  • Realm Of Racket (Paperback)
    Matthias Felleisen
    Racket is a descendant of Lisp, a programming language re...
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  • Game Analytics (Hardback)
    Magy Seif El-Nasr, Anders ...
    This is the first book to explore game analytics, the pro...
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  • Brenda Brathwaite, Ian Sc...
    Students hoping to enter the industry have a lot of quest...
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  • Kiran Lakkaraju, Gita Suk...
    This cross-disciplinary exploration of MMOs and other com...
  • John P. Doran
    If you are a game developer and want to build mobile game...
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  • Games and Learning Alliance (10653) (Paperback)
    Joao Dias, Pedro A. Santo...
    This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 6th...
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  • Chris Dickinson
    This book is intended for intermediate and advanced Unity...
  • Lean Game Development (Paperback)
    Julia Naomi Rosenfield Boeira
    Apply lean frameworks and other concepts of software deve...
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  • ComMODify (Hardback)
    Shenja Van der Graaf
    This book critically analyses user-firm technology relati...
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  • Advanced Game Design (Paperback)
    Michael Sellers
    In Advanced Game Design, pioneering game designer and ins...
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  • John M. Blain
    The program is comprehensive.
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  • Digital Love (Hardback)
    Heidi McDonald
    Scholars and professionals from all over the world, acros...
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