• The Little Prover (Paperback)
    Daniel P. Friedman, Carl ...
    The Little Prover introduces inductive proofs as a way to...
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  • Hello, Android (Paperback)
    Ed Burnette
    This new fourth edition of the #1 book for learning Andro...
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  • App Inventor 2 (Paperback)
    David Wolber, Hal Abelson...
    Learn App Inventor basics hands-on with step-by-step inst...
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  • Kerri Shotts
    A practical guide written in a tutorialstyle, this book w...
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  • iOS Programming (Paperback)
    Joe Conway, Aaron Hillegass
    Updated and expanded to cover iOS 7 and Xcode 5, iOS Prog...
  • Peter Buckley
    A guide to the Best iPhone and iPad Apps for every iOS user.
  • Matt Aimonetti
    Want to develop apps for the iPhone and iPad, but prefer ...
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  • Konstantine Arkoudas, Davi...
    Proof is the primary vehicle for knowledge generation in ...
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  • Gerard O'Regan
    This essential textbook presents a concise introduction t...
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  • Android Cookbook (Paperback)
    Ian F. Darwin
    Jump in and build working Android apps with the help of m...
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  • Gerald Versluis
    As a developer, or a small team, you can automate your pr...
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  • Mobile User Research (Paperback)
    Sunny Consolvo, Frank R. ...
    This book will give you a practical overview of several m...
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  • Fu Cheng
    This introductory guide covers the whole cycle of hybrid ...
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  • Android (Paperback)
    Oswald Campesato
    Android Pocket Primer provides an overview of the latest ...
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  • Dr. Fatih Nayebi
    What You Will Learn * Understand what functional progra...
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  • Mobile App Development with Ionic (No. 2) (Paperback)
    Chris Griffith
    Learn how to build app store-ready hybrid apps with the I...
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  • Learn Ionic 2 (Paperback)
    Joseph Xavier Judes, Josep...
    Explore key scenarios required for building quality Ionic...
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  • Chris Adamson, Janie Clayton
    This completely revised and updated edition of the bestse...
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