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  • Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis...
    This second editon describes C as defined by the ANSI sta...
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  • Sean McManus
    From £6.97
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  • C++ Primer (Paperback)
    Stanley B. Lippman, Josee ...
    Bestselling Programming Tutorial and Reference Completely...
    From £38.55
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  • Accelerated C++ (Paperback)
    Andrew Koenig, Barbara E. ...
    Takes a practical approach to solving problems using C++.
    From £35.36
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  • Perl 6 Fundamentals (Paperback)
    Moritz Lenz
    Gain the skills to begin developing Perl 6 applications f...
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  • Mike McGrath
    From £6.97
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  • Ajay Kapur, Perry Cook, S...
    DESCRIPTION While many excellent tools exist for digital ...
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  • 21st Century c. (Paperback)
    Ben Klemens
    Throw out your old ideas of C, and relearn a programming ...
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  • Michael Vine, Keith Daven...
    Are you an aspiring computer programmer?
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  • Programming in C (Paperback)
    Stephen G. Kochan
    Programming in C will teach you how to write programs in ...
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  • Programming (Paperback)
    Bjarne Stroustrup
    An Introduction to Programming by the Inventor of C++ Pre...
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  • Make: AVR Programming (Paperback)
    Elliot Williams
    Atmel's AVR microcontrollers are the chips that power Ard...
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  • Two Scoops of Django (Paperback / softback)
    Daniel Greenfeld, Audrey Roy
    From £34.22
  • Sherif Talaat
    A fastpaced guide, packed with easy to follow practical e...
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  • C++ Primer Plus (Paperback)
    Stephen Prata
    C Primer Plus is a carefully tested, well-crafted, and co...
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  • Simon Monk
    Arduino guru Simon Monk reveals advanced programming tech...
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  • Bjarne Stroustrup
    A complete rewrite and update of the world's most trusted...
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  • Realm Of Racket (Paperback)
    Matthias Felleisen
    Racket is a descendant of Lisp, a programming language re...