• Max Bramer
    Web Programming with PHP and MySQL
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  • Jump Start MySQL (Paperback)
    Timothy Boronczyk
    In just one weekend with this hands-on tutorial, you'll l...
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  • Murachs MySQL (Paperback)
    Joel Murach
    This how-to guide to MySQL is perfect for beginning progr...
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  • Murach's PHP & MySQL (Paperback)
    Joel Murach, Ray Harris
    This book teaches developers how to build database-driven...
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  • MySQL Cookbook (Paperback)
    Paul DuBois
    When you need quick solutions or techniques, this handy r...
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  • MariaDB Cookbook (Paperback)
    Daniel Bartholomew
    A practical cookbook, filled with advanced recipes , and ...
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  • Djoni Darmawikarta
  • Russell Dyer
    If you're a programmer new to databases-or just new to My...
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  • Charles Bell, Mats Kindah...
    Server bottlenecks and failures are a fact of life in any...
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  • Michael McLaughlin
    The only Oracle Press guide to MySQL Workbench explains h...
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  • MySQL (Paperback)
    Paul DuBois
    MySQL, Fifth Edition by Paul DuBois The definitive guide ...
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  • Instant InnoDB (Paperback)
    Matt Reid
    This book is a complete reference guide, designed to prov...
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  • Expert MySQL (Paperback)
    Charles Bell
    Expert MySQL is the leading reference for learning, under...
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  • Effective MySQL (Paperback)
    Ronald Bradford, Chris Sc...
    Part of the Oracle Press Effective MySQL series from Orac...
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  • Christian Wenz
    PHP and MySQL Phrasebook gives you the code you need to ...
  • Gokhan Ozar
    Standard Mini.
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  • Mike McGrath
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  • Effective MySQL (Paperback)
    Ronald Bradford
    Part of the Oracle Press Effective MySQL series from Orac...
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