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  • The Core Programme (Paperback)
    Peggy Brill, Gerald Secor ...
    This title details the Core exercise programme which is d...
    From £9.91
    Save £5.08
  • Heavenly Streams (Paperback)
    Damo Mitchell, Robert Aspell
    The art of connecting with, feeling and adjusting the ene...
    From £12.69
    Save £5.30
  • Daoist Nei Gong (Paperback)
    Damo Mitchell, Cindy Engel
    For the first time in the English language, this book des...
    From £10.83
    Save £4.16
  • Nancy Williams
    Yoga therapy is gaining rapid recognition as a treatment ...
    From £12.71
    Save £0.28
  • Kelly Starrett
    Revised and expanded edition!
    From £41.17
    Save £8.82
  • The Four Dragons (Paperback)
    Damo Mitchell, Ole Saether
    Mitchell explains the theory, history of Dao Yin exercise...
    From £12.69
    Save £5.30
  • Jo Ann Staugaard-Jones
    The Vital Psoas Muscle presents an in-depth look at the m...
    From £8.51
    Save £4.48
  • Bo Forbes
    From £12.19
    Save £6.80
  • James Drewe
    James Drewe provides a comprehensive and detailed explica...
    From £15.23
    Save £4.76
  • Your Body, Your Yoga (Paperback)
    Bernie Clark, Paul Grilley
    Your Body, Your Yoga goes beyond any prior yoga anatomy b...
    From £11.61
    Save £5.38
  • Kino MacGregor
    From £10.75
    Save £8.24
  • Mark Jarvis
    A groundbreaking text on strength and conditioning and it...
    From £13.19
    Save £6.81
  • Lucy Wyndham-Read
    High-Intensity Interval Training is the best and quickest...
    From £7.08
    Save £5.87
  • Natural Born Heroes (Hardback)
    Christopher McDougall
    Everything you've been told about exercise is wrong.
  • Yoga for Cyclists (Paperback)
    Lexie Williamson
    Yoga is fast becoming an essential performance tool for r...
    From £10.47
    Save £6.52
  • Taiji Yangsheng Zhang (Mixed media product)
    Chinese Health Qigong Assoc...
    The book explores an unusual and exciting Taiji Stick qig...
    From £10.28
    Save £3.71
  • Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Shi Er Fa (Mixed media product)
    Foreign Languages Press, Ch...
    An easy-to-learn but very extremely effective 12-movement...
    From £11.73
    Save £2.26
  • Shi Er Duan Jin (Mixed media product)
    Chinese Health Qigong Assoc...
    Suitable for all ages and abilities, this set of 12 seate...
    From £10.31
    Save £3.68