Memory improvement & thinking techniques

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  • Marshall B. Rosenberg, Dee...
    From £12.40
    Save £6.59
  • Speechmark
    Provides another opportunity for therapeutic reminiscence...
    From £33.40
    Save £14.59
  • Stella Cottrell
    The new edition of this leading guide helps students to d...
  • Lateral Thinking (Paperback)
    Edward De Bono
    Lateral thinking is all about freeing up your imagination.
  • Ian Gilbert
    This text describes the seven lessons Benny receives from...
    From £7.34
    Save £1.65
  • Smarter (Paperback)
    Dan Hurley
    Can you make yourself smarter?Scientists have always beli...
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  • Mensa
    Helps boost brain activity and improve concentration and ...
    From £4.94
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  • Mensa: Assess Your IQ (Paperback)
    With the aim of testing - and training - all aspects of t...
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  • Andrew E. Budson
    Seven Steps to Managing Your Memory is written in an easy...
    From £16.60
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  • Recalling Childhood (Paperback)
    Nicholas Tarling
    What can you remember of your childhood?
    From £18.22
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  • Brain Fitness (Paperback)
    Aihan Kuhn
    In Brain Fitness Dr.
    From £10.78
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  • Frank M D Minirth
    From £6.85
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  • The Memory Book (Paperback)
    Harry Lorayne, Jerry Lucas
    Unleash the hidden power of your mind through Harry Loray...
    From £7.43
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  • Intelligent Memory (Paperback)
    Barry Gordon, Lisa Berger
    Can't remember where you left the keys?
    From £12.07
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  • Michelle Schoffro Cook, Ma...
    From £14.46
  • Robert Allen
    Includes a collection of riddles, lateral thinking proble...
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  • Ken Russell, Philip Carter
    A collection of over 150 mind games to tax your powers of...
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  • Attention (Hardback)
    Gay Watson
    Gay Watson explores attention through many disciplines an...
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