• The Mind Body Bible (Paperback)
    Dr. Mark Atkinson
    Talks about the mind-body connection.
  • Heavenly Streams (Paperback)
    Damo Mitchell, Robert Aspell
    The art of connecting with, feeling and adjusting the ene...
    From £12.74
    Save £5.25
  • Coconut Cures (Paperback)
    Bruce Fife
    From £8.82
    Save £6.68
  • Louise L. Hay
    Features full of ideas and strategies that have worked fo...
    From £6.87
    Save £4.12
  • Stefan Ball
    Bach flower remedies are natural medicines that have the ...
    From £7.74
    Save £2.25
  • Anthony William
    ANTHONY WILLIAM, the Medical Medium, has helped tens of t...
    From £14.11
    Save £8.88
  • The Autoimmune Fix (Hardback)
    Tom O'Bryan
    A breakthrough guide and three-step plan to help those su...
    From £12.00
    Save £7.99
  • Mike Andrews, Ursula Krau...
    This book presents the clinical experiences of homeopaths...
    From £11.49
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  • Anna Parkinson
    The compelling story of the author's conversion from skep...
    From £9.20
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  • True Refuge (Paperback)
    Tara Brach
    How do you cope when facing life-threatening illness, fam...
    From £8.23
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  • Michael Reed Gach, Beth An...
    From £10.79
    Save £8.20
  • Herbal Healers (Paperback)
    Glennie Kindred
    Many of the common plants around you are powerful medicines.
    From £5.06
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  • Gregory Vlamis, Helen Graham
    Correcting the behavior problem in animals often saves an...
    From £7.14
    Save £0.85
  • Stefan Ball
    Shows how 38 flower remedies apply to the particular emot...
  • Edward Bach, Judy Howard,...
    Throughout his career, Dr Bach wrote many papers and lite...
    From £17.48
  • Words That Touch (Paperback)
    Nicholas Pole
    A thorough analysis of the Clean Language technique that ...
    From £14.73
    Save £4.26
  • The Hormone Boost (Hardback)
    Natasha Turner
    This book reveals for the first time that five other horm...
    From £12.45
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  • The Modern Yoga Bible (Paperback)
    Christina Brown
    Modern yoga practices and techniques to increase flexibil...
    From £11.62
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