• Pip Waller
    A handbook to herbs that offers an introduction to the po...
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  • Stefan Ball
    Bach flower remedies are natural medicines that have the ...
    From £7.69
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  • Hedgerow Medicine (Hardback)
    Julie Bruton-Seal, Matthew...
  • Edward Bach
    The Twelve Healers introduces Dr Bach's world-renowned fl...
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  • Stephen Harrod Buhner
    Reveals the use of direct perception in understanding Nat...
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  • Daverick Leggett, Katheryn...
    One step towards self-healing is to take responsibility f...
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  • The Herb Bible (Paperback)
    Stefan T. Buczacki
    An all-you-need-to-know guide to over 130 favourite herbs...
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  • Andrea Neff
    The unique Herbal Almanac, with annual sales over 18,000
  • The Authentic Herbal Healer (Paperback / softback)
    Holly Bellebuono
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  • Rosemary Gladstar
    Just as people are increasingly thinking about where thei...
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  • Stefan Ball
    Practical exercises, quizzes, games and suggestions for f...
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  • Chinese Medicine (Paperback)
    Ted J. Kaptchuk
    The aim of ancient Chinese medicine is to restore harmony...
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  • Adaptogens (Hardback)
    Agatha Noveille
    From £8.28
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  • Jean Willoughy, Katie Shelly
    Throughout history, herbs have been used medicinally to p...
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  • Thomas Easley, Steven Horne
    From £15.65
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  • Flowerevolution (Hardback)
    Louie Schwartzberg, Katie ...
    From an array of flower photographs, this book allows rea...
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  • Making Love Potions (Paperback)
    Stephanie L. Tourles
    Herbs are hot!
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  • Marijuana (Paperback)
    John Hudak
    With long-time legal and social barriers to marijuana fal...
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