• The English Ghost (Hardback)
    Peter Ackroyd
    From medieval times to today, stories have been told and ...
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    Save £2.93
  • Will Storr
    When journalist and ghost sceptic Will Storr heads to Phi...
    From £7.09
    Save £2.90
  • Jean-Claude Schmitt, Teres...
    This study examines medieval religious culture and the si...
    From £16.82
    Save £6.68
  • Haunted Australia (Hardback)
    J. G. Montgomery
    Australia has a dark side embedded in the landscape, dese...
    From £18.11
    Save £5.88
  • Beth Youngblood
    The backroads of the Northwest Georgia Appalachian hills ...
    From £7.08
    Save £2.91
  • Skeleton Keys (Hardback)
    John Klann
    Through ten haunting stories, this book examines the true...
    From £10.39
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  • Charles Harrington
    Put on comfortable shoes or boots to journey through 14 s...
    From £10.81
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  • Jamie Davis Whitmer
    Journey into the mysterious world of haunted hotels, wher...
    From £9.51
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  • Since ancient times, accounts of supernatural activity ha...
    From £8.22
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  • Jersey Ghost Stories (Paperback)
    Erren Michaels
    Step away from sunny Jersey's present day and into the si...
    From £5.80
    Save £4.19
  • Haunted Bridges (Paperback)
    Rich Newman
    Tucked away in the countryside, hundreds of old bridges h...
    From £9.02
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  • Tim Scullion
    Join ghost photographer and researcher Tim Scullion on a ...
    From £13.11
    Save £6.39
  • Richard Estep, Cami Andersen
    From £10.51
    Save £3.48
  • Ohio's Haunted Crimes (Paperback)
    Kat Klockow
    Ohio has seen countless true crimes committed, but the ca...
    From £11.92
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  • Ann Bridges
    From the clouds with ghostly faces in the Chisos Mountain...
    From £10.39
    Save £6.11
  • Steve E. Asher
    The Kentucky State penitentiary opened its heavy iron gat...
    From £8.68
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  • Something Wicked (Paperback)
    Debi Chestnut
    Filled with intense hauntings and terrifying encounters w...
    From £9.02
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  • Spooky South (Paperback)
    S. E. Schlosser, Paul Hof...
    A collection of 40 folktales highlighting famous and not-...
    From £9.41
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