• Chas Newkey-Burden
    With original interviews and revealing anecdotes this rem...
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  • The King's Jester (Hardback)
    Barry Anthony
    Drawing on many previously unused sources, this is first,...
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  • Kristofferson (Paperback)
    Stephen Miller
    From £7.57
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  • The "Jam" (Hardback)
    From £15.89
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  • Simply Thrilled (Hardback)
    Simon Goddard
    When Alan Horne and Edwyn Collins decided to start their ...
    From £12.43
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  • Still Standing (Hardback)
    Kerry Katona
    Since Kerry Katona's first autobiography in 2006, her lif...
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  • Nick Drake, Gabrielle Dra...
    An official celebration of Nick Drake's life and music.
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  • Icon (Hardback)
    Gary Vitacco-Robles
    From £33.44
  • Lynda Bellingham
    The poignant, moving and uplifting memoir from much-loved...
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  • Rembrandt's house (Paperback)
    Anthony Bailey
    With as many levels and hidden corners as the house Baile...
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  • Tod Benoit
    The perennially bestselling guide to the lives and deaths...
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  • John Eliot Gardiner
    Johann Sebastian Bach is one of the most unfathomable com...
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  • Claude Vivier (v.109) (Hardback)
    Bob Gilmore
    In 1983, French-Canadian composer Claude Vivier was murde...
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  • Scott Eyman
    This revelatory biography shows how both the facts and fi...
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  • Marcus O'Dair, Jonath...
    Robert Wyatt started out as the drummer and singer for So...
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  • Matthew Pratt Guterl
    Her performing days numbered, Josephine Baker did somethi...
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  • Stanley Crouch
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  • I Know Nothing (Hardback)
    Andrew Sachs
    Recounting his extraordinary life, national treasure Andr...
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