• Lateral Cooking (Hardback)
    Niki Segnit, Yotam Ottole...
    Do you feel you that you follow recipes slavishly without...
    From £21.97
    Save £13.03
  • Mezze (Hardback)
    Ghillie Basan
    A mouth-watering collection of dips, bites, salads and ot...
    From £5.84
    Save £4.15
  • Rebecca Seal
    Following the success of Leon Happy Salads, the Leon team...
    From £12.22
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  • Cassandra Reeder
    Geek out with fifty new unofficial recipes from Cassandra...
    From £8.76
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  • Soupologie (Hardback)
    Stephen Argent
    This is much more than a book of delicious plant-based so...
    From £9.02
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  • I Love Soup (Paperback / softback)
    Beverly Le Blanc
    Whether you want a light, low-fat broth, a creamy winter-...
    From £7.15
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  • Delicious Soups (Hardback)
    Belinda Williams
    Warming and comforting on a chilly day, refreshing and li...
  • Norma Miller
    How to make the most of your soup-making machine.
  • Soup for Every Day (Hardback)
    New Covent Garden Soup Company
    The only cookbook soup lovers will ever need.
  • Featuring more than 150 contemporary dishes for your nex...
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  • Changing Lives Press
    Delicious Soups and Slow Cooker Recipes is filled with de...
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  • The Good Food (Paperback / softback)
    Daniel Halpern, Julie Strand
    Drawing on the diverse cooking traditions of the Americas...
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  • The Chick Magnet (Paperback / softback)
    Bob Kaplan
    From £13.56
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  • Seasonal Soups (Hardback)
    Fraser Reid, Jen Collins,...
    From £6.87
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  • Nourish Soups (Hardback)
    Rebecca Woods
    Nutritious soups that are good for body and soul.
    From £8.01
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  • Completely Perfect (Paperback / softback)
    Felicity Cloake
    Felicity Cloake has rigorously tried and tested recipes ...
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  • James Kavanagh, William M...
    In five years selling at farmers' markets and hosting din...
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  • Jane Hughes
    From £5.42