• George Dailey, Sir Ian M...
    An updated and expanded edition of the best-selling Great...
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  • Hot Chocolate (Hardback)
    Hannah Miles
    Perfect for sipping by the fireside, Hannah Miles has cre...
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  • Drift is all about coffee.
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  • Tyson Stelzer
    The world's most comprehensive and up-to-date guide to Ch...
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  • Hans Offringa
    A Field Guide to Whisky is a one-stop guide for all the i...
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  • Superfood Snacks (Hardback)
    Julie Morris
    Julie Morris proves that crave-worthy treats can be abund...
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  • Brian Abrams, John Mathias
    Illustrated throughout with infographics (James Garfield'...
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  • Italian Wines 2014 (Paperback)
    Gambero Rosso
    The most authoritative annual guide to the best Italian w...
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  • Brewing in London (Paperback)
    Johnny Homer
    Highly illustrated, Johnny Homer takes the reader on a jo...
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  • Mumbles & Gower Pubs (Paperback)
    Brian E. Davies
    A fascinating tour of Mumbles and Gower Peninsula's pub s...
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  • Harry Craddock
    From £14.27
  • Harry Craddock
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  • Book of Tea (Paperback)
    Okakura Kakuzo, Andrew Ju...
    The Book of Tea doesn't focus on the Tea Ceremony itself,...
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  • Kirk
    Make drinking water a pure pleasure with tasty, healthy i...
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  • Alison Walsh, Sara Letour...
    A Literary-Inspired Cookbook for Voracious Readers at Tea...
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  • Rum (Hardback)
    Isabel Boons, Tom Neijens...
    This guide provides an overview of more than 300 differen...
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  • Jonathan Goodall
    Written by experts and offering readers the opportunity t...
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  • Jonathan Goodall
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