• Des de Moor
    CAMRA presents the essential guide to beer drinking in Lo...
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  • Brew Britannia (Paperback)
    Jessica Boak, Ray Bailey
    The surprising (and really quite strange) story of the mo...
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  • Roger Protz
    The Good Beer Guide is fully revised and updated each yea...
    From £22.45
  • Jeff Evans
    The British brewing industry has seen unprecedented growt...
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  • Roger Protz
    Fully researched listings of 4,500 great real ale pubs, i...
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  • The Pub (Hardback)
    Pete Brown
    This collection of 300 pubs with atmosphere will include ...
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  • Oh Beautiful Beer (Hardback)
    Harvey Shepard
    A beautifully illustrated homage to the art of beer-and t...
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  • Stephen Beaumont
    The Beer and Food Companion is set to become a classic re...
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  • Mikkel Borg Bjergso, Perni...
    The man behind Mikkeller brewery offers his guide to the ...
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  • Graham Wheeler
    All of the authoritative advice and instruction from the ...
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  • Beer and Food (Hardback)
    Mark Dredge
    Beer and Food is the definitive book about matching great...
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  • Beer (Hardback)
    Gavin D. Smith
    Informative and highly entertaining, Beer explores a legi...
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  • Roger Protz
    300 More Beers to Try Before You Die! takes beer lovers o...
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  • Brian Glover
    A nostalgic look at British beers and breweries which hav...
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  • Man Walks into a Pub (Paperback)
    Pete Brown
    In MAN WALKS INTO A PUB, Pete Brown takes us on a well-lu...
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  • Beer FAQ (Paperback)
    Jeff Cioletti
    A no-nonsense guide to the world of beer, answering quest...
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  • Jeff Evans
    With this absorbing, pocket-sized book, packed with beer ...
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  • Erick Verdonck, Luc de Ra...
    The ultimate book on Belgian beer - includes the location...
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