• Melanie Trede, Lorenz Bic...
    A dazzling reprint of Hiroshige's views of Edo (modern-da...
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  • Young Mr. Turner (1) (Hardback)
    Eric Shanes
    A definitive new biography, deftly interweaving an accoun...
    From £55.92
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  • Arthur Melville (Paperback / softback)
    Kenneth McConkey, Charlott...
    The first monograph on the artist Arthur Melville with co...
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  • Turner (Hardback)
    Michael Bockemuhl
    Enter a world of ravishing light and color.
    From £10.76
  • Ian Jenkins
    A fascinating look at how Classical sculpture inspired Ro...
    From £21.00
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  • Julius Bryant, Susan Webe...
    John Lockwood Kipling (1837-1911) started his career as a...
    From £35.60
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  • Elizabeth Prettejohn, Pete...
    This important re-evaluation of the Dutch- born painter L...
    From £19.85
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  • Matisse (Hardback)
    Volkmar Essers
    Through eye-popping colors and simple forms, rejoice in t...
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  • Marianne North (Hardback)
    Michelle Payne
    This is the story of Marianne North, an unmarried middle-...
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  • Samuel Palmer (Hardback)
    William Vaughan
    Samuel Palmer (1805-1881) was one of the leading British ...
    From £35.60
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  • Victorian Giants (Hardback)
    Phillip Prodger
    Oscar Rejlander (1813-75), Julia Margaret Cameron (1815-7...
    From £18.37
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  • Morris (Hardback)
    William Morris was a polymath designer, writer, artist, a...
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  • Tobias G. Natter
    Fall under the spell of Gustav Klimt.
    From £29.99
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  • Facing the Text (Hardback)
    Lucy Peltz
    Explores extra-illustration in the long eighteenth centur...
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  • Elizabeth Prettejohn
    With the rise of museums in the 19th century, including t...
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  • Fire Stations (Paperback)
    Billy Reading
    In the first book devoted to the subject, Billy Reading l...
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  • Queer British Art (Paperback / softback)
    Clare Barlow
    In 1967, sex between consenting men in England and Wales ...
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  • Julius Bryant
    The first book to consider the V&A as a work of art in it...
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