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  • Faberge (Hardback)
    Ulla Tillander-Godenhielm
    Written by a leading expert on Faberge and his history ...
    From £15.74
    Save £14.26
  • Art as Jewellery (Hardback)
    Louisa Guinness
    Art as Jewellery is a visually stunning guide to jeweller...
    From £27.71
    Save £17.29
  • Ruby (Hardback)
    Joanna Hardy
    An ambitious, lavishly illustrated survey of the king of ...
    From £44.62
    Save £30.38
  • Rings (Paperback / softback)
    Diana Scarisbrick, James ...
    Devotes itself exclusively to rings, considering them the...
    From £15.71
    Save £9.24
  • Walter Schumann
    Translation of: Edelsteine und Schmucksteine.
    From £11.40
    Save £8.59
  • Exotic Gems (Paperback)
    Renee Newman
    From £11.01
    Save £6.98
  • Exotic Gems (Paperback / softback)
    Renee Newman
    From £11.92
    Save £6.07
  • Tiaras (Paperback)
    Geoffrey C. Munn
    Traces the history of the tiara, illustrated with example...
  • Kim Rix
    This travel guide is for anyone considering a trip to the...
  • James Sherwood
    The first book of its kind: a dazzling overview of the ov...
    From £18.37
    Save £11.58
  • Juliet Weir-De La Rochefou...
    Presents the stories and designs of the leading contempor...
    From £29.69
    Save £25.31
  • Pueblo Bead Jewelry (Hardback)
    Paula A. Baxter, Barry Ka...
    The bead played a vital role in Pueblo Indian jewelry des...
    From £18.49
    Save £12.50
  • Helen Ritchie
    A glittering display of the Fitzwilliam Museum's finest p...
    From £11.63
    Save £5.32
  • Wilfried Zeisler, Jennifer...
    Presents 90 fabulous pieces made by celebrated Russian je...
    From £19.85
    Save £15.15
  • Royal Rubies (Hardback)
    Nina Hald
    The royal ruby parure worn by HRH Crown Princess Mary of ...
    From £21.37
    Save £16.63
  • Kassondra (Paperback)
    D Alan Michael, D Alan Pauly
    From £19.43
    Save £9.52
  • Dr W Andrew Terrill
    From £10.95
    Save £1.44
  • You're a Gem! Notebook Collection (Notebook / blank book)
    The Smithsonian Institution...
    A lovely set of illustrated notebooks featuring famous ge...
    From £7.71
    Save £4.28