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  • Niwaki (Hardback)
    Jake Hobson
    Japanese gardeners have fine-tuned a distinctive set of p...
    From £14.12
    Save £10.88
  • The Arts and Crafts Garden (771) (Paperback)
    Sarah Rutherford
    Explores the winding paths and meticulously shaped hedges...
    From £6.28
    Save £2.71
  • Brilliant and Wild (Hardback)
    Lucy Bellamy, Jason Ingram
    Shows inexperienced gardeners how create a blooming, bee-...
    From £12.48
    Save £7.52
  • Barbara Segall, Marcus Ha...
    In Secret Gardens of East Anglia, Suffolk-gardening autho...
    From £12.05
    Save £7.95
  • Andy McIndoe
    A shrub-centred design guide which offers a fresh palette...
    From £11.83
    Save £8.17
  • Piet Oudolf, Rick Darke
    Gardens of the High Line, by Piet Oudolf and Rick Darke, ...
    From £14.12
    Save £10.88
  • The Winter Garden (Hardback)
    Emma Hardy
    Bring colour and life to your garden during the cold wint...
    From £8.01
    Save £6.98
  • Sally Gregson
    Epimediums are fantastic plants for dry, shady positions,...
    From £14.07
    Save £3.92
  • Heidi Howcroft, Marianne ...
    A beautiful exploration of the 14 most important female g...
  • Anni Kelsey
    Do you dream of a low maintenance perennial garden that i...
    From £8.80
    Save £6.15
  • Lia Leendertz, Zia Allaway
    Suitable for every gardener, this title offers detailed g...
    From £10.61
    Save £5.38
  • Neil Lucas
    This practical, accessible, beautifully illustrated book ...
    From £11.83
    Save £8.17
  • Rosemary Alexander
    Guides the reader through various stages of planning a ga...
  • Sarah Raven, Jonathan Buc...
    Ideas for bold and brilliant planting schemes for spectac...
    From £12.05
    Save £7.94
  • A Tapestry Garden (Hardback)
    Ernie O'Byrne
    Equal parts inspirational and practical, A Tapestry Garde...
    From £14.12
    Save £10.88
  • Revive your Garden (Hardback)
    Nick Bailey
    A practical and inspirational guide for anyone who wants ...
    From £17.64
    Save £7.36
  • Selina Lake
    In her latest book, Garden Style, Selina Lake reveals how...
    From £15.33
    Save £4.66
  • Isobel Carlson
    Follow the garden path to horticultural heaven with this ...
    From £7.04
    Save £2.95