• Bonsai Basics (Paperback)
    Colin Lewis
    The 2005 Pyramid Bonsai Basics sold over 55, 500 copies ...
    From £5.04
    Save £0.95
  • Whats Bonsai (Paperback)
    Takashi Matsui
    From £16.18
    Save £13.81
  • Charles Chesshire, Ken No...
    From £9.82
    Save £3.17
  • Miniature Bonsai (Hardback)
    Terutoshi Iwai
    This step-by-step bonsai book shows you how to craft supe...
    From £8.79
    Save £6.20
  • Bountiful Bonsai (Paperback)
    Richard W. Bender
    Bountiful Bonsai presents a radical new approach that app...
    From £3.92
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  • Bonsai and Penjing (Hardback)
    Ann McClellan
    From the collection of the National Bonsai & Penjing Muse...
    From £12.07
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  • Malcolm Hughes, Kath Hughes
    It is packed with myth-busting surprises, the first of wh...
  • Ken Norman
    An expert, practical handy-sized guide to growing and car...
    From £6.41
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  • Zhao Qingquan, Thomas S. ...
    "Learn how to create simple and elegant bonsai works from...
  • Bountiful Bonsai (Paperback)
    Richard W. Bender
    Bonsai-the Japanese art of training plants to form elegan...
    From £7.82
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  • Bonsai (Hardback)
    Anna Maria Botticelli, Fab...
    These spectacular images will transport you to a garden f...
    From £21.88
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  • The Bonsai Bible (Paperback)
    Peter Chan
    A compact guide to everything bonsai in the international...
  • Bonsai (Hardback)
    Presents an introduction to bonsai trees, with illustrate...
  • Ken Norman
    This practical guide explains what plants are suitable an...
  • Amy Liang
    A guide to the fine art of cultivating bonsai.
    From £12.34
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  • Bonsai (Hardback)
    Susumu Nakamura, Ivan Wat...
    An exquisite volume devoted to the art of bonsai, featuri...
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  • Keshiki Bonsai (Paperback)
    Kenji Kobayashi
    The next trend in indoor gardening. Keshiki bonsai trans...
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  • Jonathan M. Singer