• Under the Sea Wind (Paperback)
    Rachel Carson
    Rachel Carson's classic trilogy comprises three volumes -...
    From £8.79
    Save £6.20
  • Ocean (Hardback)
    Dan Kainen, Carol Kaufmann
    The magical follow-up to Safari, Ocean uses the same lent...
    From £11.91
    Save £8.08
  • Nicola Chester
    Otters by Nicola Chester is an accessible and lively acco...
    From £6.80
    Save £3.19
  • Terrie Williams
    When a two-day old Hawaiian monk seal named Kauai Pup 2, ...
    From £10.46
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  • Sharks of the World (Hardback)
    David A. Ebert, Sarah Fow...
    Sharks of the World is the essential book for everyone in...
    From £32.22
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  • Demon Fish (Hardback)
    Juliet Eilperin
    Travels through the Hidden World of Sharks
    From £13.51
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  • Shark Lady (Hardback)
    Jess Keating, Marta Alvare...
    From £12.84
  • Emily Voigt
    An intrepid journalist's quest to trace the origins of th...
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  • In Pursuit of Giants (Paperback)
    Matt Rigney
    For millennia the great fish-marlin, bluefin tuna, and sw...
    From £12.62
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  • Trout Culture (Paperback)
    Jen Corrinne Brown
    From beer labels to literary classics like A River Runs T...
    From £15.61
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  • Upstream (Hardback)
    Langdon Cook
    From £14.26
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  • Jawsome Shark Quizzes (Paperback / softback)
    Karen Chu
    Dive into the Shark-Infested Trivia You call yourself a s...
    From £8.54
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  • John Gierach
    John Gierach brings his sharp sense of humour and keen ey...
    From £10.32
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  • G. E. M. Skues
    From £6.85
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  • James Kavanagh
    There are over 1,000 species of freshwater fishes in Nort...
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  • John Gierach, Mike Chambe...
    From £20.87
  • Saltwater Game Fish (Pamphlet)
    James Kavanagh
    North American coastlines are home to hundreds of species...
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  • Trout & Salmon (Pamphlet)
    James Kavanagh
    North American salmonids are a family of fish revered as ...
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