• Heavy Horses (No. 431) (Paperback)
    Diana Zeuner
    Heavy horses played a pivotal role in the development of ...
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  • Ulrich Raulff, Ruth Ahmedz...
    'A beautiful and thoughtful exploration of the role of th...
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  • The Wild Other (Hardback)
    Clover Stroud
    Clover Stroud's idyllic childhood in rural England was sh...
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  • Mark Rashid
    There are many books available on horse training this is ...
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  • A Horse Called Red (Paperback)
    Rachel Gillian North
    From £10.52
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  • Marty Noble
    From £4.88
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  • Horse (Calendar)
    Workman Publishing
    This is the calendar that celebrates horses and the passi...
  • Horse Manual (Paperback)
    Carolyn Henderson
    Whether you are learning to ride, are a novice horse owne...
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  • Colin Vogel
    A guide to horse care.
  • Claire Lilley
    The scales of training is a progressive training system t...
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  • Horse (Paperback)
    Elaine Walker
    From Pegasus to Black Beauty, horses have held a unique p...
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  • Horses Cube Book (Hardback)
    De,Fabianis,Valeria Manferto
    Written in a direct, lively style, the text is especially...
  • Functional Anatomy (No.43) (Paperback)
    Chris Colles, Carole Vincer
    This reference book outlines the horse's anatomy and phys...
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  • Grooming (No.21) (Paperback)
    Susan McBane, Carole Vincer
    A guide to grooming and how it can help keep horses and p...
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  • First Aid (No.12) (Paperback)
    Jane Holderness-Roddam
    This edition, substantially revised, reflects recent deve...
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  • Mouths and Bits (No. 15) (Paperback)
    Toni Webber, Carole Vincer
    A step-by-step guide to the horse's mouth and the princip...
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  • Massage for Horses (No. 38) (Paperback)
    Mary W. Bromiley, Carole ...
    This handbook demonstrates how to apply massage technique...
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  • Boots and Bandages (No.3) (Paperback)
    Jane Holderness-Roddam, Ca...
    A step-by-step guide to the correct method of fitting boo...
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