• Eric Chaline
    Fifty Minerals that Changed the Course of History is a fa...
  • Walter Schumann
    Translation of: Edelsteine und Schmucksteine.
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  • British Mesozoic Fossils (2) (Paperback)
    Natural History Museum
    The Mesozoic era ranged from 240 million to 65 million ye...
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  • Natural History Museum
    In this fully revised and updated edition of British Pale...
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  • Fossils (Paperback)
    David Ward
    A guide to fossils.
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  • Exotic Gems (v. 1) (Paperback)
    Renee Newman
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  • Yorkshire Rock (Paperback)
    Richard Bell
    Everywhere in Yorkshire are clues to vanished worlds in t...
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  • Rockhounding Colorado (Paperback)
    William A Kappele, Gary W...
    Rockhounding Colorado takes you to 100 of the best rockho...
  • Primal Beauty (Hardback)
    Lawrence Stoller
    Over the last three decades, Lawrence Stoller's CrystalWo...
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  • Geological Structures (Paperback)
    Chris Pellant, Helen Pellant
    This easy to use, highly informative photographic field g...
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  • The Crystal Guide (Paperback)
    Patti Polk
    The magical world of crystals!
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  • Dr. Steven C Chamberlain,...
    Since its discovery by a teenager in 1859, thousands of s...
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  • Origins (Hardback)
    Frank H. T. Rhodes
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  • Birds of Stone (Hardback)
    Luis M. Chiappe, Meng Qin...
    Anyone interested in the history of life-from paleontolog...
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  • Fossils (Paperback)
    Chris Pellant, Helen Pellant
    Covers all classifications of fossils, with more than 190...
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  • Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs (Paperback / softback)
    Publishing House My Ebook
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  • Snails (Paperback)
    Paul Davies
    The remains of snails in ancient soils and sediments are ...
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  • Jewel (Hardback)
    DK, Judith Miller
    Celebrate the most dazzling jewels on Earth with Jewel, t...
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