• Royal Meteorological Societ...
    The Royal Metereological Society three year log lets weat...
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  • Snow (Hardback)
    Marcus Sedgwick
    Like the six sides of a snowflake, the book has six chapt...
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  • Hell and High Water (Paperback)
    Alastair McIntosh
    Climate change is the greatest challenge that the world h...
    From £5.86
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  • Frozen Britain (Paperback)
    Ian McCaskill, Paul Hudson
  • Weatherland (Hardback)
    Alexandra Harris
    The story of English culture over a thousand years can be...
    From £15.76
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  • Peter Moore
    In 1865 a broken Admiral Robert FitzRoy locked himself in...
  • Patrick Nobbs
    A compelling and highly readable history of the British w...
  • Climate Changed (Paperback)
    Philippe Squarzoni
    A look at the causes, controversies and consequences of c...
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  • The Emerald Planet (Paperback)
    David Beerling
    The Emerald Planet is the tale of our world's past - and ...
  • The Cloud Book (Paperback)
    The Met Office, Richard Ha...
    A guide to the clouds, helping you to identify various cl...
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  • Rain (Paperback)
    Melissa Harrison
    Whenever rain falls, our countryside changes.
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  • Weathermen (Paperback)
    Gordon Tripp
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  • Gerrie McCall
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  • Mark Denny
    How do meteorologists design forecasts for the next day's...
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  • David King
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  • Storm Dunlop
    The weather affects everyone on Earth, influencing both o...
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  • Storm Chaser (Hardback)
    Mike Olbinski
    Dramatic photograph collection of storms and tornadoes
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  • Scotland the Dreich (Paperback)
    Alan McCredie
    This book is a celebration of all that is dreich.
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