• Enemy Number One (Paperback)
    Patrick Veitch
    An inside story on how professional punter Patrick Veitch...
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  • Under Orders (Paperback)
    John Timpson
    When John Timpson, chairman of the eponymous high street ...
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  • Kelso (Paperback)
    Linda Kennedy
    The Inspiring True Story of One of the Most Successful an...
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  • Michael Tanner
    Released to mark the one hundredth anniversary of the Suf...
  • Guy Griffith, Michael Oak...
  • Mr Darley's Arabian (Paperback)
    Christopher McGrath
    The story of racing told through the bloodline of twenty-...
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  • Marten Julian
    The Dark Horses guides are widely respected as the author...
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  • How's Your Dad? (Paperback)
    Mick Channon
    A humorous yet deeply personal account of living with a f...
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  • American Pharoah (Paperback)
    Joe Drape
    New York Times reporter and bestselling author Joe Drape ...
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  • Centaur (Hardback)
    Declan Murphy, Ami Rao
    A natural on a horse since he was able to walk, Declan Mu...
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  • You Bet Your Life (Hardback)
    Dave Stevenson, Laura Morton
    The rags-to-riches tale of one of the most remarkable fig...
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  • John Hickman
    First in-depth study and catalogue of the work of the ent...
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  • Dylan Hill
    Best selling annual from the team at leading betting news...
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  • David Dew
    Best selling guide to the 2017 Flat season.
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  • Robin Oakley, Edward Gill...
    An elegant history of the majestic sport of jump racing, ...
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  • Richard Lowther
    A-Z listing of racehorse trainers and their strings in th...
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  • Rodney Pettinga
    100 horses expected to perform well in the 2017 Flat Turf...
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  • Full Circle (Paperback)
    David Dunford
    In the 18th and 19th centuries the Chelmsford Races at Ga...
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