• Roy P. Smith
    Widely reported at the time as being one of the greatest ...
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  • Anthony Pritchard
    The Maserati 250F raced against Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz an...
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  • Maurice Hamilton, Alain P...
    For the first time, we can explore the story of Alain Pro...
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  • First Principles (Hardback)
    Norman Burr
    This book chronicles the life of Keith Duckworth OBE, the...
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  • Alpine Renault (Hardback)
    Roy P Smith
    The beautiful design of the Alpine Renault 'berlinettes' ...
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  • Amedee Gordini (Hardback)
    Roy P. Smith
    This is the story of a man, a team, and their life and ti...
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  • N.A.R.T. (Hardback)
    Terry O'Neill
    Luigi Chinetti's association with Ferrari, and the origin...
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  • Grand Prix Ferrari (Hardback)
    Anthony Pritchard
    A limited edition of 1500 copies.
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  • Return to Glory! (Hardback)
    Robert Ackerson
    This book chronicles the development and racing career of...
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  • Motor Racing (Paperback)
    Steve Wyatt, Bob Dance
    Recounting a time of unparalleled access to the highest l...
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  • Christopher Hilton
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  • Rick Houston
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  • John Starkey
    This is the definitive development and racing history of ...
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  • des Hammill
    The definitive development history of the Coventry Climax...
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  • Johnny Herbert
    After becoming British Junior Karting Champion, then the ...
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  • Starting on Pole (Hardback)
    Tom Roberts
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  • Ayrton Senna (Hardback)
    Giorgio Terruzzi, Ercole ...
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  • Stuart Turner, Marcus Cha...
    For the London to Sydney Marathon, team instructions incl...
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