Sub-aqua swimming

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  • Diving the World (Paperback)
    Beth Tierney, Shaun Tierney
    Essential reading for anyone interested in diving.
    From £11.55
    Save £8.40
  • Rod Macdonald
    Focuses on 37 of the greatest and best-loved shipwrecks a...
    From £11.75
    Save £7.24
  • The Darkness Below (Paperback)
    Rod Macdonald
    *A gripping and exhilarating voyage into the silent darkn...
  • Blue Field (Paperback)
    Elise Levine
    A trippy, dystopic, psychological tale of one woman's des...
    From £9.47
    Save £0.52
  • Richard Salter
    In Diving Gozo and Comino, local dive guide and instructo...
  • Deep Into Deco (Paperback / softback)
    Asser Salama
    From £23.21
    Save £6.78
  • Scuba Diving (Paperback)
    Dennis Graver
    The best-selling authoritative resource returns updated a...
    From £15.35
    Save £7.64
  • Lawson Wood
    The Red Sea has over 1,000 species of invertebrate and ov...
    From £7.84
    Save £5.15
  • An American Immersion (Paperback / softback)
    Jennifer Idol
    From £20.00
  • Diving Equipment (Paperback)
    Jonas Arvidsson
    A solid introduction to how dive gear works.
    From £17.76
    Save £2.19
  • Vertical Reefs (Paperback)
    Mary Katherine Wicksten
    While most people may never experience the undersea world...
    From £17.49
    Save £15.46
  • Christophe Mason-Parker, R...
    The waters that surround Seychelles are home to over 1,00...
    From £7.84
    Save £5.15
  • Glass and Water (Paperback)
    Mark Harris
    Glass and Water is the first book on underwater photograp...
    From £16.40
    Save £0.55
  • Naval Sea Systems Command
    Over the past 60 years the U.S.
  • Deco for Divers (Paperback)
    Mark Powell
    Fully updated and revised.
    From £19.59
    Save £10.40
  • Bob Cole
    Out of the Decompression Matrix provides an analytical ap...
    From £17.63
    Save £7.36
  • Shipwreck Stories (Paperback)
    Al J. Venter
    From £12.88
    Save £4.07
  • Dive Truk Lagoon (Hardback)
    Rod Macdonald
    This will be of enormous appeal to divers, anyone interes...