• Hirokazu Kanazawa
    The martial art of karate can be practiced by anyone, reg...
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  • Hard-core (Paperback)
    Harley Flanagan
    Harley Flanagan provides a fascinating memoir: a homeless...
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  • Wong Kiew Kit
    From £15.07
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  • Win or Learn (Paperback)
    John Kavanagh
    Growing up in Dublin, John Kavanagh was a skinny kid who ...
    From £10.60
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  • Filipino Martial Arts (Paperback)
    Peter A H Lewis
    The indigenous martial arts of the Philippines archipelag...
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  • Liang Shou-Yu, Wu Wen-Ching
    With every movement presented in 2-4 large photos along w...
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  • Triangle Chokes (Paperback)
    Steve Scott
  • Hirokazu Kanazawa
    Hirokazu Kanazawa is the renowned karate master in the wo...
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  • Steve Scott
  • Vital Point Strikes (Paperback)
    Sang H. Kim
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  • Miyamoto Musashi, Thomas ...
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  • The Mauler (Paperback)
    Alexander Gustafsson
    A look at how a small town farmers' son became one of the...
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  • Robert K. Campbell
    Know which rifles can defend you and your family. In the...
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  • Karate Science (Paperback / softback)
    J D Swanson, Sam Nigro
    Dynamics, motion, and sensation are karate's connective t...
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  • Krav Maga (Paperback)
    Carstem Draheim
    The self-defense system "Krav Maga," initially developed ...
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  • Fight to Win (Paperback)
    Martin Dougherty
    If you are going to fight, you might as well fight to win...
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  • Grand Master (Paperback / softback)
    Alex Dong, David Saltman
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  • Part Reptile (Hardback)
    Dan Hardy
    Legendary fighter Dan Hardy lifts the lid on his own care...
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