• Fearless Freddie (Hardback)
    Chris Evans
    Fearless Freddie is the story of Britain's first boxing s...
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  • Matthew Bazell
    Sports fans fondly recall the greatest boxing matches of ...
  • Scream (Hardback)
    Jonathan Rendall
    In Scream, Jonathan Rendall presents an oral history of T...
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  • Robert J. Schinke
    From £86.87
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  • Hit Man (Paperback)
    Brian Hughes
    Thomas Hearns ranks as one of the greatest fighters of al...
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  • Amir Khan (Paperback)
    Amir Khan
    Amir Khan is a standard bearer for his Pakistani heritage...
    From £8.82
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  • Gary Wharton
    The North East of England has been witness to some of the...
  • King Of The Gypsies (Paperback)
    Bartey Gorman
    For twenty years, legendary hard man Bartley Gorman reign...
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  • Ronnie Wharton
    Following on from the success of Boxing in South Yorkshir...
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  • The Boxers of Newport (5) (Paperback)
    Gareth Jones
    With four world champions including Joe Calzaghe, arguabl...
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  • Colleen Aycock, David W. ...
    California's ""Glamour Boy"" and world champion boxer was...
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  • Iain Spragg
    Anthony Joshua: Portrait of a Boxing Hero tells the story...
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  • Amateur (Hardback)
    Thomas Page McBee
    An exploration of modern masculinity by the first transge...
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  • Ali (Hardback)
    Steve Schapiro
    Ali collects the best of Steve Schapiro's images of late ...
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  • Travis D Satterlund
    From £70.08
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  • Joe E. Harvey, Patrick Tray
    Become a champion in the Thai martial arts world with thi...
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  • Hsing-I Chuan (Paperback)
    Master James McNeil, Andre...
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  • The Mad and the Bad (Paperback)
    Thomas Myler
    From the present day back to the bareknuckle era and the ...
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