Art & design styles: Arts & Crafts style

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  • The Arts and Crafts Garden (771) (Paperback)
    Sarah Rutherford
    Explores the winding paths and meticulously shaped hedges...
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  • Kate Klippensteen
    Presenting Japanese cooking utensils that are functional ...
  • Elizabeth Wilhide
    William Morris - one of the most influential designers of...
    From £10.18
    Save £4.81
  • Liberty Style (Hardback)
    Martin Wood
    How Arthur Liberty shaped British and international taste...
    From £19.26
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  • Khaled Azzam, Prince'...
    Celebrates the world of Islamic arts and crafts.
    From £18.53
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  • Darrell Gibbs, Julia Harding
    Features craft pad that let's you transfer popular Sukie ...
    From £7.17
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  • The Art of the Dot (Paperback)
    Jake McDonald, Anna Laine...
    The Art of the Dot introduces and teaches the reader how ...
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  • Drawing and Painting (Paperback)
    Kate Wilson
    Bursting with practical techniques, engaging artist profi...
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  • Splendour! (Paperback)
    John Martin Robinson, Adam...
    Celebrates the 80th anniversary of the Georgian Group, fo...
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  • Swedish Modern (Paperback)
    Svenskt Tenn, Estrid Eric...
    An exploration of the philosophy and heritage of the lege...
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  • Pattern (Paperback)
    Emma Bridgewater
    The inside stories of Emma Bridgewater's beloved pottery ...
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  • Desna Greenhow
    Never previously published, Mary Watts' diary has been pa...
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  • The Craft Companion (Hardback)
    Ramona Barry, Rebecca Jobson
    Once the domain of the domestic, craft has now infiltrate...
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  • The Art of Fine Gifts: William Morris was a renowned arti...
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  • Candy Crush
    A delicious new colouring book for adults from the Candy ...
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  • The Nature of Gothic (Paperback)
    John Ruskin, William Morr...
    The first facsimile of Ruskin's epoch-making 'Nature of G...
  • Liberty
    Helps you to make your mark on a collection of patterns f...
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  • Candy Crush
    The book that's destined to take the adult colouring craz...
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