Warfare, battles, armed forces (Children's/YA)

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  • Henry Brook, Adam Larkum
    Find out more about World War II with this book full of f...
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  • Slot Together Castle (Novelty book)
    Simon Tudhope, Jez Tuya
    Create your very own detailed model castle, complete with...
  • Peter Sis
    'A fascinating book, THE PILOT AND THE LITTLE PRINCE invi...
    From £8.24
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  • John Malam
    The First World War was the world's first total war.
    From £9.28
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  • Rob Lloyd Jones, Maria Cri...
    A flap book that is packed with information about the Fir...
    From £7.98
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  • Rob Lloyd Jones, Maria Cri...
    From tanks rumbling across battlefields to submarines, bl...
    From £5.82
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  • One Boy's War (Paperback)
    Lynn Huggins-Cooper, Ian ...
    A young soldier's honest portrayal, told through letters ...
    From £4.74
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  • The Great Escape (Paperback)
    Mike Meserole
    From £8.96
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  • William L. Shirer
    From £8.75
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  • General George Patton (Paperback)
    Alden Hatch
    From £8.97
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  • Michael Collins (Paperback)
    Vincent McDonnell
    Michael Collins was once the most wanted man in the Briti...
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  • Matt Doeden
    With the first world wide war, many new weapons were inve...
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  • Matt Doeden
    Countries from all over the globe fought in World War II.
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  • Matt Doeden
    Checkout the cool weapons used in warfare and learn all a...
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  • Fighter Planes (Paperback)
    Rob Ives
    From £7.12
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  • Death Camp Uprising (Hardback)
    Nel Yomtov, Wilson Tortos...
    Helps you to experience the events that followed the Sobi...
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  • Nel Yomtov
    Follow a group of Allied prisoners as they dig their way ...
    From £22.71
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  • Matt Chandler, Douglas A. ...
    A story of one man's bravery, ingenuity and determination...
    From £6.71
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