• Coder Academy (Paperback / softback)
    Sean McManus, Rosan Magar
    With fun activities on and off the computer, this book en...
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    Save £2.08
  • Spike Gerrell, Alex Bello...
    This book is packed with awesome true stories, real scien...
    From £5.84
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  • Alex Bellos, Ben Lyttleto...
    The first book is packed with awesome true stories, real ...
    From £4.16
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  • Bill Bryson
    Suitable for younger readers, this book covers the wonder...
    From £9.02
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  • See Inside Energy (Board book)
    Alice James, Peter Allen
    We all need energy for our lives - and lots of it.
    From £5.84
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  • What are Germs? (Board book)
    Katie Daynes, Marta Alvare...
    What are germs?
    From £4.96
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  • Scientist Academy (Paperback / softback)
    Steve Martin, Essi Kimpimaki
    Kids can learn essential skills to start their own scient...
    From £6.17
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  • Alice James, Shaw Nielsen
    Everything in the Universe is made up of just 118 chemica...
    From £6.51
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  • Andrea Beaty
    An empowering, hands-on STEM project book featuring bests...
    From £6.87
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  • Alom Shaha, Emily Robertson
    Help your child to think and work like a scientist with M...
    From £5.91
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  • Ada Lovelace (Hardback)
    Isabel Sanchez Vegara, Zaf...
    Part of the bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series,...
    From £6.17
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  • Finding Wonders (Paperback / softback)
    Jeannine Atkins
    A gorgeously written biographical novel in verse of three...
    From £5.75
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  • Adam Murphy, Lisa Murphy
    The ultimate history lesson as Adam and Lisa Murphy dig u...
    From £6.93
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  • Science Ideas in 30 Seconds (Paperback / softback)
    Dr. Mike Goldsmith, Melvy...
    Ideas about motion, gravity, DNA, nuclear energy, antimat...
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  • Rosie Dickins, Shaw Nielsen
    An interactive introduction to information and communicat...
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  • Eye Benders (Hardback)
    Clive Gifford, Professor ...
    Why do some printed pictures appear to swirl madly in fro...
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  • Frightening Light (Paperback)
    Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles
    Horrible Science fans will find out what stops their eyeb...
  • Vicious Veg (Paperback)
    Nick Arnold, Tony De Saulles
    Horrible Science is getting a make-over!
    From £4.61
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