• Matthew Morgan, Gabriel A...
    Stress and anxiety amongst children is a growing problem.
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  • Being a Girl (Paperback)
    Hayley Long, Gemma Correll
    With black-and-white illustrations, this book tells you e...
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  • Brain Maker (Paperback)
    David P. Perlmutter
    The New York Times bestselling author of GRAIN BRAIN unco...
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  • The New Puberty (Hardback)
    Louise Greenspan, Julianna...
    The coming-of-age experience has changed dramatically, wi...
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  • Grain Brain (Paperback)
    David Perlmutter
    The devastating truth about the effects of wheat, sugar, ...
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  • The Boy Files (Paperback)
    Alex Hooper-Hodson
    The Boy Files is a bang-up-to-date look at growing up iss...
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  • Alice Hart-Davis, Beth Hi...
    Beauty journalist Alice Hart-Davis, and daughter Beth, sh...
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  • The Girl Files (Paperback)
    Jacqui Bailey
    The Girl Files is a modern, friendly, accessible look at ...
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  • Michael Chissick, Sarah P...
    Frog is very worried as he has an important speech to mak...
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  • Tricia Kreitman
    Growing up may be normal but doesn't mean it's easy!Do yo...
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  • Alice Hart-Davis, Molly H...
    A practical and comprehensive beauty guide for teen girls...
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  • Dawn Huebner, Bonnie Matt...
    Guides children and their parents through the cognitive-b...
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  • The Puberty Book (Paperback)
    Wendy Darvill, Kelsey Powell
    The Puberty Book gives children and teenagers accurate an...
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  • David Wright
    Offers coverage of the content for the GCSE specification...
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  • Bobbi Brown
    This beauty guide aims to help boost your self-esteem and...
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  • Human Anatomy (Paperback)
    Margaret Matt, Joe Ziemian
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  • Erin Wicker
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  • Bad Hair Days (Paperback)
    J. M. Forster
    A touching mystery about family, friendships and being di...