• Pitmatic (Paperback)
    Bill Griffiths
    From £6.88
    Save £3.11
  • Guy Deutscher
    Presents an investigation into the evolution of language.
    From £8.38
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  • Language and Region (Paperback)
    Joan Beal
    Covers topical issues and examines the use of dialect in ...
    From £14.38
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  • Dialects (Paperback)
    Peter Trudgill
    Routledge Language Workbooks provide absolute beginners w...
    From £15.94
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  • The Big Con (Paperback)
    David W. Maurer
    Offers the American lingo (the write, the rag, the pay-of...
    From £8.51
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  • Dialectology (Paperback)
    J. K. Chambers, Peter Tru...
    As a comprehensive account of all aspects of dialectology...
  • John M. Lipski
    Describes the salient features of each Latin American nat...
    From £32.74
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  • It's Been Said Before (Paperback)
    Orin Hargraves
    In this book, Orin Hargraves provides a concise and livel...
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  • Talkin' Tar Heel (Paperback)
    Walt Wolfram, Jeffrey Reaser
    Drawing on over two decades of research and 3,000 recorde...
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  • The Criminal Alphabet (Paperback)
    Noel "Razor" Smith
    The ultimate guide to the criminal world through its slan...
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  • Sex Slang (Hardback)
    Tom Dalzell, Terry Victor
    Are you a beaver cleaver or the office bike?
    From £69.29
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  • Douglas Biber, Susan Conrad
    Studies in Language and Linguistics General Editors- Geof...
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  • Julian Franklyn
    This re-issue of Julian Franklyn's classic dictionary not...
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  • Sid Finch
    Swearing is an art form, and with this handy collection o...
    From £4.05
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  • Heike Pichler
    Introducing a range of new methods and insights for analy...
  • Evangeline Machlin
    Dialect work is one of the actor's most challenging tasks.
    From £70.57
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  • Allan Metcalf
    Selfie, slacker, groovy, teenager-these are some of the w...
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  • Scoor-Oot (Hardback)
    James A. C. Stevenson, Ise...
    This dictionary covers a multitude of Scots words and exp...
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