• Pitmatic (Paperback)
    Bill Griffiths
    From £6.93
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  • Guy Deutscher
    'Language is mankind's greatest invention - except of cou...
    From £8.51
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  • Language and Region (Paperback)
    Joan Beal
    Covers topical issues and examines the use of dialect in ...
    From £15.74
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  • Dialects (Paperback)
    Peter Trudgill
    Routledge Language Workbooks provide absolute beginners w...
    From £16.75
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  • The Big Con (Paperback)
    David W. Maurer
    'Of all the gifters, the confidence man is the aristocrat...
    From £8.55
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  • Dialectology (Paperback)
    J. K. Chambers, Peter Tru...
    As a comprehensive account of all aspects of dialectology...
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  • John M. Lipski
    Describes the salient features of each Latin American nat...
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  • Youssef A. Haddad
    This book analyses data from a variety of sources, includ...
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  • Diana Villanueva Romero, C...
    This book examines the intersection of culture and langua...
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  • Southern Min (Hardback)
    Bit-Chee Kwok
    Southern Min refers to a group of Chinese dialects spoken...
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  • Cecelia Cutler
    This book examines language and identity among White Amer...
    From £29.71
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  • Martin Robson
    As the crow flies'', ''chunder'', ''cold enough to freeze...
    From £6.28
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  • Attitudes to Language (Paperback)
    Dan Clayton, Marcello Gio...
    Essential study guides for the future linguist.
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  • Lionel Wee
    An exploration of the controversies surrounding Singlish ...
    From £67.43
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  • Valentin Werner
    This collection brings together contributions from both l...
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  • Sounds Appealing (Hardback)
    David Crystal
    There have long been debates about 'correct' pronunciatio...
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  • Reem Bassiouney
    Identity and Dialect Performance discusses the relationsh...
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  • Vulgar Tongues (Paperback)
    Max Decharne
    Slang is the language of pop culture, low culture, street...
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